DIY: Seven summer fling denim chokers

Hello Beautiful people,

So lately I haven’t been able to go along with my blogging schedule because there has been a lot  going on for me i have school, the weather and so much i don’t want to bore you guys with. So unto our tutorials:-). Lately i’ve been in aww with denim(i cant bring myself to say obsessed )  So i’ve been playing around and i came up wth fun ways to up cycle old jeans and still be fashion forward and trendy, i know we all just want to be fab.*flips hair* .And that brings us to today’s DIY


Things you will need

denim trims(i cut out the legs of my old jeans)

pair of scissors


hole puncher


needle and thread


  1. The Kim Kardashian denim choker Get you a piece of denim  and cut out to how big you want it after measuring around your neck , Proceed to distress with a pair  of tweezers after distressing to satisfaction,

Use  any kind of fastening to secure it around your neck, (i personally used the denim hook      and eye) i sewed them at the edges and if you are up to up to task you can add a charm to   match your personality.2. The Caged denim choker

Get a piece of denim and cut into six identical straps and three shorter straps feel free to measure it for precision

Line up the  longer straps in threes by each side on a shorter strap and place the other two at the edges feel free to glue down or sew it up

Add up gems to spice up the look and attach fastenings at the end i used the normal hook and eyes

voila! we done

3. The Wraparound Denim Choker

This is just a trend i couldn’t go without altering i love!!!!!  wraparound chokers so i just had to do a denim version

So we begin with cutting our denim scrap and glue down or sew the top and distress the bottom

Mark up the areas you want the cuts and and use the hole puncher to create openings

Pass the string or leather chord through the openings and add beads at the end of each cord to add up the funk

4. The Denim and Rhinestones Choker

Get your denim scrap and cut out, fold down the sides sew or glue(just do you 🙂 ). The strap should be slightly longer

Iron down to make it flat and neat, gradually pass the denim strap through the rhinestones look

To play around i decided to just let it be fun and free to secure  when you wear just knot at the end or better still fasten with any fastener at hand 😉

5. The Ring Choker

Easy peasy cut out two scraps fold up and sew down or glue

Attach the two straps to two ends of the ring and sew down

To fasten we knot it at the end or use press studs

Viola we are good to go

6. Rock N’ Royalty

Cut up one really long piece of denim, fold down and sew/glue the sides together

Turn to the front side and pass one end through the loop and sew down

Pass the other end through the loop as you would to a belt and we are done

Its edgy yet sparkly

7.  The Denim N’ Pearl

Cut up scraps which can conveniently fit around your neck

Fold  and sew/glue down

To be precise you could mark up the areas but i free handedly sewed them together one at a time in twos

I also sewed in pressed studs at the ends and to add a twist to the end by glueing a cream rhinestone at the back to coverup the studs and make it neat


That’s it for today let me know what you think about this DIY today and if you ever have to create this let me know by using the hashtag #icreatefunk . And if you want more tutorials like this you can suggest. Have a great day

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