DIY:Turn your leggings to skirts

Hey beautiful people,
I went on a short vacation before school came into a full swing and going through my things i find this leather wannabe pair of leggings ( don’t get me wrong it was super comfy and soft on the inside).i was once in love with these pair, they happened to have been a gift from my grandma but lately they just don’t fit tight but i wasn’t ready to part with them yet so I decided to alter which brings us to our DIY today,

Things you will need


IMG_6379 2

old pair of leggings


sewing machine


measuring tape




  • Place the leggings flat down and cut up all the sides of the leggings, place them straight down and cut using an old skirt as a template and sew down the sides together giving us a new skirt
  • Turn the skirt on the right side and cut the area you want, okay the good thing with this fabric id that i don’t need to hem it and also my leggings had a lot of seams so i just cut through one

  • Mark up the areas you want the lace to pass through i measured my spacing by one inch and put in small holes so the eyelets could pass through


  • So i used fifty eyelets in total and i cut up my string and just laced up and we are done


           Okay so from the picture i had initially used an elastic but i changed my mind because after i first wore it it looked funny so i came in and added a zip and darts as well so  i could get a snug fit

  • Lace up skirt

    How do I look in this?

    That’s it for today let me know what you think about this DIY today and if you ever have to create this let me know by using the hashtag #icreatefunk . And if you want more tutorials like this you can suggest. Have a great dayFollow my Instagram for more pictures and lets get connected on Facebook

    XOXO Amy



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