DIY: Bedazzled cage bralette

Hello beautiful people
Its summer and we just want to show off skin and be free and have fun in the sun. So today i’m doing a versatile sparkly caged tube bralette its fun for partying, at the beach days and just hanging out so unto the tutorials

Things you will need

IMG_6379[1]Black stretchy fabric

Thread and needle


some pins

measuring tape

and rhinestones gem mat

  1. the measurements to be taken are

from the bust to your belly it could be shorter

and the from one arm to another

2.  Once we have our measurements we plot them down on the fabric and make the cut don’t forget to hem the edges

IMG_6382[1]3. So  now we place the elastic straps where we want them to be and pin down and sew

IMG_6389[1]4. Sew down on the two sides to connect, it should look like  a tube now. Attach bigger elastic at each end of the fabric you cut

At the center of the fabric cut up the regular elastic ’bout 3inches and sew down at the other end of the elastic attach a ring and sew down attach two 3inch elastic straps to the sides of the ring and sew them to the hands

this is optional you can add straps of elastic from the hands to the centre to make it more caged

IMG_6394[1] 5. Sew down press studs to close the hands, a button could also work perfectly


PS. In between the elastic sew down the rhinestone gem straps(my apologies I wore it originally like that before I changed my mind to be more sparkly and sadly I didn’t take pictures:-( ).So you cut the rhinestone gem mat to tiny pieces to match the width of the elastic

Okay now we done and ready to flaunt our summer bodies, so I styled it two ways one with loose rhinestone stone straps and the other with  fitting straps

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That’s it for today let me know what you think about this DIY today and if you ever have to create this let me know by using the hashtag #icreatefunk . And if you want more tutorials like this you can suggest. Have a great day Follow my Instagram@hipstylefunk for more pictures



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