Thrift: ruby red crop top with lace accents

Hello beautiful people
I believe we all went out to buy clothes and we randomly set eyes on this piece of clothing which for no reason attracted you but yet you don’t wear it because it may be boring or lets face it it may just be your hoarder instincts trying to take over your life but the borderline is that you found amazing and presently don’t feel its vibes so here is how we gonna funk it up and make it new again cause that’s all we do right??  And just to say those of you enjoying this under the summer warmth i envy you right now cause its pretty cold where i am. less talk more DIY lets create funk;

Materials needed

Old crop
Some lace

Its basic so we could do this in under 5 mins
Measure the lace around your body
Place on the crop top or inside (i choose to sew from the inside)

Then sew using an overcast stitch gently sew all round the crop top

And here is the front part

i used this stitch because it wouldn’t show at the front
And there we go its good as new


That’s it for today let me know what you think about this thrift today and if you ever have to create this let me know by using the hashtag #icreatefunk . And if you want more tutorials like this you can suggest. Have a great day Follow my Instagram for more pictures and lets get connected on Facebook 



11 thoughts on “Thrift: ruby red crop top with lace accents

  1. Dame*Bassa says:

    Nice refreshed top….i have the same problem with a jeans i bought but find difficult to wear it….i need astuces to refresh it… here!!


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