DIY: strapless Ankara top (circle version)

Hey beautiful people
Welcome again to my blog and hope y’all have fun and create funk!
Its summer (well not in my area tho it rains heavily) okay so for you out there enjoying the summer weather today we will be creating a flared strapless top (circle version)  from Ankara fabric and it should be simple enough to make



A yard of fabric
A pair of scissors
Some thread
An iron
Elastic closest to the color of d fabric
Safety pin


1. Fold the fabric in question into four equal parts and lay flat
2. Trace out a line from the top to the side(A)
3.  Measure  the length and start marking from the end of the fabric to meet the line you just made and mark point (B)

3. Trace out a small curve to meet the lines at the top and label (C)

4. Mark along the areas and cut out using the pattern drafted as above

5. Measure the elastic around your upper bust and cut where it feels comfortable
6. Using 1 inch hem allowance sew down the top and leave out space for the elastic to pass through and using ½inch measurements hem the bottom all round

7.Using a safety pin pass through the space at the top and sew down. Voila!!




For the choker;
1. Cut out about three inches or more for width and measure around your neck for length
2. Fold it down and iron to make it flat its up to you to sew down or use glue to sew down the sides
3. Sew down the hooks and eyes in opposite directions as seen here DIY Chokers

And we are done for today’s DIY feel free to dress up in various styles but i preferred simple jeans

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Words cannot describe how i envy some of you now rocking the warm weather

That’s it for today let me know what you think about this DIY today and if you ever have to create this let me know by using the hashtag #icreatefunk . And if you want more tutorials like this you can suggest. Have a great day Follow my Instagram for more pictures and lets get connected on Facebook 



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