DIY: maxi skirt with split

Hello beautiful people

Okay so recently other than my obsession with denim there’s also this thing about maxi’s (skirts, gowns,and dresses) that get to me they happen to to be so free and versatile you could wear it For all occasions with some accessories and it changes the whole look. but i personally just like the maxi look because its effortless and i seen to always pick it when i’m in a rush so i decided to try creating one for my self


fabric (2 metres will be fine you can use more or less depending on how heavy you want the skirt)


safety pins

elastic band

thread and a needle

press studs

a button



  1.  Take the elastic band and measure around your waist an cut out
  2. Using a safety pin attache the ends of the fabric to the ends of the safety pin and pin down the center and proceed to pin down the center of the previous center keep repeating till you reach the desired gathered effect


inside view


outside view

3. when that is done we now sew the button to one end off the elastic band and make a buttonhole at the other end make sure this ends are overlapping.

4. measure up where you want  the slit to be and you and sew down the press studs on each side

I made it really high so i could enjoy it at the beach or pool but in any case you want a normal maxi skirt  you could always sew it down straight. down for get to hem the end and then we are done

and for the full view

That’s it for today let me know what you think about this DIY today and if you ever have to create this let me know by using the hashtag #icreatefunk . And if you want more tutorials like this you can suggest. Have a great day Follow my Instagram for more pictures and lets get connected on Facebook 




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