If there was one way to describe this blog it will be Createabitionate (Creative, Ambitious and Passionate)

Whether you want to blend with trends, add your personality or rock your world your in the right place

Since you re here right now something tells me that you are full of spirit, daring and creative and you pretty much have great ideas

But maybe you……

  • Have no idea how to embrace it and don’t know how to come about
  • Need some few pointers and inspiration

Its a good thing you showed up cause I’ve been there too and I know how it feels so I totally understand that’s why I create in depth tutorials of DIYs, Crafts and Thrifts to help and if I’m being totally honest I believe everyone has got creativity in their DNA just waiting to be found and explored 😉

Hello there I’m Amirah-Tina a Law and Gender Studies student, I could describe myself as overly creative and passionate. We all have that sometimes we are just afraid to put ourselves out there believe me out there is more fun and you should try it.

This blog came about during a discussion I had with  a fellow blogger just joking over a quiet meal while we spoke about ourselves he tried to encourage me and after procrastinating  a lot I decided to give in and here I am sitting behind my computer writing away.

That said I will always love to get feedback and requests I believe its more fun when its interactive, till the next post goodbye ( I hate to leave tho goodbyes are always sad) but on the bright side hearing from you will always be much better.